Investing in Gold, What’s the Big Deal?

Gold is one of the oldest investments known to man. Kingdoms and empires have been built and wiped out due to gold. Even before early societies created their own currencies, cultures like the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks used gold as an accepted standard of currency.   Throughout time, monetary systems for large countries such as the [...]

How To Avoid Gold Scams

Investors: Avoid Gold Scams! by: Hailey Harper As investors have grown more wary of the stock market and other conventional investments, gold and other precious metals have begun getting a lot of attention. It’s certainly true that gold has been used as an investment since ancient times and that savvy investors often include precious metals [...]

The 3 Types of Gold Buyers

The 3 Types of Gold Buyers There is no shortage of people with an opinion on gold. Throughout the centuries, gold has been an important medium of exchange, store of value and in many cases, an attractive accessory. Yet, when it comes to investing, gold is a commodity like any other; it is volatile, subject [...]

How Does a Gold IRA Rollover Work?

So you want to know how a Gold IRA Rollover works, from beginning to end? We have compiled this infographic that takes you from beginning to end, with a little knowledge in-between. Click the image below to see it full-screen.   Download this infographic.Embed Our Infographic On Your Site!Image Width%px<img src="" alt="How Does a Gold [...]

How to Safely Store and Protect Gold

Gold is unlike many long-term investments as is it a thing that one usually stores and protects in the home. This is an advantage that many gold buyers appreciate; yet keeping gold in the home long-term is also a major risk. There are two main risks that affect gold owners: the first is physical loss [...]

How To Invest In Gold – The Basics

If you want to know how to invest in gold, the first thing is to look for a reputable and experienced dealer who deals with genuine metals. The good news is that some states have a database of licensed gold dealers who have been authorized to conduct this business. This is probably the easiest place [...]